Georgie Welch

The Dancing Horse captured hearts across the world with his magical performances under Charlotte

Dujardin CBE. As a tribute to his remarkable performances Carl Hester MBE  & The Newent Valegro Sculpture group launched a campaign to create a bronze sculpture of Valegro to be situated in Newent, Gloucestershire just miles away from Carl's yard where Valegro now enjoys his retirement.





























Georgie was invited to submit designs for the sculpture and successfully was awarded the task of creating this fitting tribute to the dancing horse Valegro. Georgie's designs comprised 8 pencil drawings which she has donated to the project. Carl and Charlotte were so delighted with them that they have signed the originals and prints are now for sale.


Working closely with Valegro and his amazing team, Georgie has produced a fifth life-size maquette of Valegro in bronze. Only twelve limited edition bronze casts are available worldwide. Carl, Charlotte and 'supergroom' Alan Davies have signed each bronze which are available to order and will fund the half life-size bronze Valegro for Newent town centre.

Valegro, Carl and mini Valegro